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Highlights of Jeanetta Chrystie's Publishing Credits

Dr. Chrystie has published more than 800 magazine articles, 75 newsletter columns, 150 newspaper columns, 50 poems, 2 computing textbooks, 3 children's stories; and multiple devotions, science fiction trivia and Bible learning puzzles, book reviews, and web sites since 1980 -- while working full-time in the computing industry for 16 years then teaching college full-time and part-time since 1982.

Some of her more recent articles include:
  • Father Knows Best in Chicken Soup for the Soul: The Miracle of Love
  • Internet Gold 30+ quarterly columns in Mature Years magazine.
  • Race Around the Clock in the Winter 2010-11 issue of Church Libraries, and one of more than three dozen children's reading club articles since 1999.
  • Make Your Meetings Productive in the Summer 2010 issue of Church Libraries, and one of more than 20 educational articles since 1999.
  • Into the Wind about kites and safe kite flying in the April 2002 issue of Clubhouse magazine for ages 8-12 by Focus on the Family.
  • When Your Friend Is Grieving in issue 125 Sept-Oct 2001 of Discipleship Journal.
  • The Pilgrim Way about the relationship between Dante's writing of The Divine Comedy and the first Jubilee pilgrimage in 1300 A.D. in Christian History issue 70 vol. XX no. 2 May 2001.
  • Training: An I.N.S.P.I.R.A.T.I.O.N.A.L. Approach in the Fall 2001 issue of Church Libraries.
  • Singer/composer praises God's grace in his life in the October 4, 2001 issue of Word & Way.
  • Two monthly columns in the Northwest Christian Examiner/Times/Journal (through 3 owners) as a part-time Christian news reporter for 5.5 years.

When asked where the ideas for her writing originate, she replies, "Many writing ideas come during my personal quiet time Bible studies. I'm also an avid reader of books and magazines. Sometimes I refer to my journals. I really enjoy the process of writing: creating and tinkering, rewriting and polishing, and sometimes breaking long articles full of rabbits into 2 or 3 reasonably-sized articles. When teaching and speaking, I use a personal amplifier so people can hear my soft voice easily. My most urgent advice for beginners is to write and speak from an overflowing vessel, filled during ample time with God."

E-mail me at jeanetta@ NOSPAM mchsi.com  

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