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Jeanetta has more than 40 years of publishing credits which include 850+ magazine articles, 150+ newspaper columns, poetry chapbooks, individually published poems, devotions and college textbooks.

She has contributed to several anthologies, including her story; “Father Knows Best” in Chicken Soup for the Soul: The Miracle of Love, “God Waits to Bless Us” in Abba’s Answers; 7 chapters in The Write Start; and stories in 4 of the Short & Sweet book series.

Her magazine publishing credits include: Christian History, Discipleship Journal, 30+ in Mature Years, 30+ in Church Libraries, and Clubhouse magazine, more than 150 newspaper columns for the Northwest Christian Examiner/Times/Journal, more than 350 newsletter articles for various writer’s and speaker’s groups

As a specialist in online training, Jeanetta is an adjunct faculty member for Judson University and a trustee for Rockbridge Seminary.

When asked where the ideas for her writing originate, she replies, "Many writing ideas come during my personal quiet time and Bible study. I'm also an avid reader, so a statement or twist of phrase may trigger an idea. Sometimes I refer to my personal journals for ideas. My most urgent advice for beginners is to write and speak from an overflowing vessel, filled during ample time with God."



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