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Jeanetta R. Jeffries Chrystie, Th.D., Ph.D.


1 Corinthians 13:12 " For now we see obscurely in a mirror, but then it will be face to face. Now I know partly; then I will know fully, just as God has fully known me." (CJB, Complete Jewish Bible)

2 Timothy 2:15 " Be diligent to present yourself approved to God as a worker who does not need to be ashamed, accurately handling the word of truth." (NASB)

Many good Bible study resources are available to help us understand Scripture well and in the context in which it was written. I encourage you to dedicate yourself to studying your Bible daily; not only reading a devotional booklet or other Christian books. Those are good additions, but they are not your Bible--God's word.

Below is a table of Bible reading plans you may wish to use; or simply buy a good study Bible and begin reading, and reflect on what you're reading by journaling or actually copying the Scripture into a notebook to help you absorb it and put it to practice in your life. Some of the study Bibles I find especially beneficial include The Wiersbe Study Bible, The Apologetics Study Bible, The Archeological Study Bible, The Vines Expository Bible, the Disciple's Study Bible, the Cultural Backgrounds Study Bible, The Knowing Jesus Study Bible, and the Maxwell Leadership Bible. My favorite Bible to simply read through is The Narrated Bible by F. LaGard Smith (it is also Chronological, but the narration helps us better grasp Old Testament Hebrew history).

God bless you are you study His word, get to know Him through Scripture, and apply His word to your life!

Bible Reading Plans
Canonical 1-year Plan Chronological 1-year Plan OT & NT Daily 1-year Plan NT in 1-year Plan Jeanetta's OT Highlights + NT 1-year Plan
Genre by Day of the Week 1-year Plan Listen Through Audio Bible in 1-year Plan M'Cheyne Read in 4 Books Daily Plan Larger-print 1-year Plan Pick Your Start Date Plan
NT on weekdays plan OT focus reading plan Bible Reading Tips 40 Blessings in Reading the Bible Through Recommend The Narrated Bible in Chronological Order by F. LaGard Smith

Colossians 4:2 "Devote yourselves to prayer, keeping alert in it with an attitude of thanksgiving" (NASB)

1Thessalonians 5:17 "Pray without ceasing" (NASB)

Through prayer, we invite God to accomplish His work in us. But what if our prayers have become a quick recitation of the same things day after day, or only before a big meal? Do you find your thoughts wander away during prayers?

It can help us focus during prayers to change our methods sometimes, or at least add to any habitual prayers by committing to additional focused prayer times. A way to do that is to use a Prayer Model. We already use some prayer models, such as bowing our heads and closing our eyes, ending with “in Jesus’ name” and “amen”. Some people enjoy prayer walks around their neighborhoods, some pray following beads, some pray as they stitch a prayer shawl, some record prayers and answers in a prayer journal or using a prayer jar (my favorites), and others even pray by texting on their cell phones.

Some Example Prayer Models
The Lord's Prayer Matt.6:5-13 (Luke 11:1 the disciples asked Jesus to teach them to pray)
ACTS Adoration (praising God for who He is),
Confession (owning up to our sins),
Thanksgiving (thanking God for all He has done),
Supplication (requests for ourselves & others
HEART Honor God with praises,
Examine your life,
Ask for help/needs,
Requests for others,
Thank God
5 Finger Prayer Pointing finger: pray for those who guide us: pastors, teachers, doctors, counselors, mentors;
Middle finger (tallest one): pray for those who lead & protect us: government and business leaders, police and firefighters, service men;
Ring finger: loved ones) pray for ourselves, family, & friends;
Pinkie finger: Pray for those who are weak: the poor, sick, disabled, infants, homeless, the powerless, the persecuted;
Thumb: pray about church and societal issues that grip your heart and thoughts.
PRAY Praise God for who he is,
Repent of sins,
Ask for help,
Yield to God ’s will
PAST Praise God for a meaningful hymn/song,
Acknowledge failures & ask for His help to improve,
Sing the song as a prayer to God,
Thank God for blessing your life and turning your thoughts toward His goals for your day
Pray the Alphabet Praise God for something for each letter of the alphabet, requests for someone for each:
Attitude change,
Best outcome,
Change a habit,
Direction from God,
Expanded spiritual growth, etc.
Calendar Write a specific prayer on each day of January for the New Year (examples: for spiritual growth, God’s direction in your life, change an attitude/habit, etc., for yourself and others)
ARROWS Ask God to meet you in your daily quiet time & prepare your heart for prayer,
Reflect on God’s faithfulness & rejoice over His provision,
Repent of your sing & ask God to guard your heart & mind,
Openly lay your burdens/worries & requests before the Lord,
Worship & praise God for His perfect character & flawless ways,
Silence your heart so you can hear from His (this also means to shut off distracting technologies)
PRAY the BIBLE Examples of How to “Pray the Bible”
Many of us were taught as children to simply insert our name when we quoted John 3:16. Praying Scripture is an extension of that process.

Praying the Bible allows the Spirit of God
• to use the Word of God
• to help the people of God
• pray according to the will of God.

To pray the Bible you must know your Bible, to know your Bible you must read your Bible.

Some ways to Pray the Bible:
Pray the Bible’s prayers: 1. For knowledge & discernment, pray Phil.1:9-11 over yourself or others
2. To praise God, pray through Psalm 150.
3. For comfort, pray the Apostle Paul’s prayer in 2 Corinthians 1:3-7
Pray specific verses that apply to your need: 4. For guidance in a decision, pray Psalm 119:105 for God’s word to be a lamp to your feet and a light to your path.
5. To endure hard times, pray Psalm 42:5 “Why are you downcast, O my soul? Why are you disturbed within me? Put your hope in God, for I will yet praise Him, my Savior and my God.”
6. For security, you could pray Psalm 31:7-8
Pray narrative passages: 7. Pray the big picture, or spread out the verses over many days, such as for praying through 1 Thessalonians 2
8. Pray through 5 verses of Romans each day for a month
9. Pray something from a chapter of Proverbs each day for a month
Pray a Psalm each day 10. This can take the form of 1 psalm a day for about 5 months; however, some Psalms, such as the imprecatory Psalms are difficult to find prayer topics in
11. Read 5 chapters in Psalms a day, and choose 1 to pray through. Instead of reading from Psalm 1 to 150, begin with the numbered day you are on and add 30 to find the next Psalm to read. For example, if you decide to start this on Jan 20th, read Psalm 20 and 50 and 80 and 110 and 140 that day.
Pray for something or someone the Spirit brings to mind during your Bible readings 12. For example, Psalm 130:3 “If you, O LORD, should mark iniquities, who could stand?” makes you think of your friend Mark, so you stop and pray for him.
13. Ask God to direct you, as in Joshua 5:14

CHALLENGE: Commit to a daily Quiet Time with God through Bible reading and prayer!


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May your day be richly blessed with productivity and rest. ~ Jeanetta
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