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Workshops & Handouts

Writing Classes - These were courses taught at Lake Washington Technical College, Kirkland, WA. The courses were designed to be taught over several weekends with a total of 24 class hours, but are available in a variety of delivery formats for your writers' group.

Workshops - These are workshops that were delivered at Writer's Conferences & Writer's Club Meetings. The workshops were designed for one and two hour presentations and are available for scheduling at your writers' group or conference.

Handouts - These copyrighted handouts were selected from a variety of handouts I created for presentations, and each has been previously published. If you "borrow" them, please retain my copyright notice on them.

Writing Classes

Writing Classes at LWTC Seven Steps to Writing and Selling Magazine Articles Polishing Magazine Articles You Can Write Poetry Performing Poetry Writing Family Memories

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"Best decision I made all day, to attend Jeanetta Chrystie's writer's workshop. Very informative, interesting and inspiring!" - B. Berry, Kirkland, WA

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Writing Workshops Offered at Writer's Conferences & Writer's Club Meetings Computing-Related Topics Favorite Workshops Topics from College Writing Courses

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May your day be richly blessed with productivity and rest. ~ Jeanetta

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